2nd Cleanest Car in the Zone

Good Morning!

P-day was moved from Monday to Tuesday this week because of Zone Conference yesterday.  We got up at 5:15 so we would have time to clean the truck for the fleet inspection, drive to the stake center, and then set up for the meeting before everyone got there.  On our way to the automatic car wash the wiring in the passenger window must of started shorting out because the window started rolling itself down randomly.  The big problem was we really needed to wash our truck still!  We decided to brave the automatic car-wash anyways.  I wrestled with the switch to keep control of the window and managed to keep it rolled up long enough to make it through the car wash!  Talk about a nail biter!  Zone Conference went great and Elder Durrant and I, despite both our vacuums going out on us were able to win the award for 2nd cleanest car in the zone!

We were very successful with street contacting this week.  We found a few new potential investigators walking around Saturday morning.  We gave a lady a baptismal date on Sunday afternoon that we had found tracting a few weeks before but had not been able to start teaching and then last night we were contacting a LA family when we felt impressed to go talk with one of their neighbors in her front yard who ended up talking with us for about 30 minutes about all her experiences with the church and how she would come to church with us if the Lord would help her quit smoking.  She had some tough concerns but we followed the spirit and were able to work things out.  She and her family are going to be praying to find out if now is the time that God will help her.

Lexi and both her parents got to church again this week!  The primary presidency asked us to come to senior primary to be the judges for the “friendship Olympics” so we got to hang out with Lexi for the third hour.  She is one of the funniest little girls I’ve ever met on my mission.  She is so small, and when she gets something she wants or thinks of a cool idea, she gets this huge crazy grin on her face (think “My Neighbor Totoro” when Totoro smiles.) Lexi’s dad met with the Bishop about performing the baptism and they worked out a plan to make it happen!  The family’s faith in the gospel and church are growing and growing!

This week Elder Durrant and I are organizing a mini-mission for the YM in the Palmer Park ward.  Tomorrow night we are going to watch one of the episodes from the PMG DVDs with the entire mutual program and then on Saturday we will be hooking up three priests with three companionships from the stake for the day.  Should be good.


     -Elder Emmett Florence

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