Happy 21rst tomorrow Elder Florence!

It’s my last day to be 20!

Lexi came to church again with her Mom and sister but since she was late to church last week and missed sacrament meeting we had to move her date to the 12th.  We’ve taught her the first three lessons and a few of the commandments.  The family is starting to become a little more converted to the gospel.  They sit in on all the lessons and are eager to support her and help her answer questions.  The goal is to get all five of them to church next Sunday!

Special news update from the CCSM: A reliable source relayed to me that recently two missionaries serving in the San Luis valley gave Johnny Depp a Book of Mormon while he was in town for the filming of “The Lone Ranger” and he said he would read it!  (I’ll send the picture along your way ASAP!) The gospel is being preached to every creature, even super famous movie stars!

Funny story: We just figured out that Wally’s daughter that lives in Canon City is a member of the church already!  We’d been teaching him (Wally) all this time and he never told us!  The other funny thing is that Elder Durrant actually baptized her husband a year ago when he served there!  Transfers are inspired.

We transitioned our investigator Justin over to Elder Wiesbarth-Tafaumali and Elder Bankhead in the YSA ward.  He solid.  He will do very well I’m sure.  The only problem is still getting work off to come to church, which should happen soon.  In the mean time he can still build strong connections with the church by going to the weekly activities they have over there.

Awesome deep doctrine revelation at District Meeting on Friday!  I was pondering something weird Joseph Smith said in the King Follett discourse when it dawned on me what he was actually saying!  I now understand in part the difference between spiritual matter and physical matter and at least partly why one can be called more “pure” than the other!  Just another one of the peculiar things you learn when all you can study for two years are gospel topics.

The church, IS TRUE!!!

-Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • July 31st, 2012

    Happy Birthday to Elder Florence! We are proud of the work that you are doing and look forward to welcoming you home SOON!

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