Transfer 17

Dear Everyone who reads this,

Transfer 17 is off to a great start.  Elder Durrant is an awesome guy and so far serving with him has been a pleasure.

After Zone Leader Council and a few doctor’s appointments for Elder Durrant on Thursday we ran over to a member’s house to teach their friend Morgan who came to church last week.  She is 16, comes from a foster home, and has investigated the church before.  We got to know her a little and taught her about the restoration with her friend Eli, one of the Priests in the ward we’ve been taking out on visits.  Things went well and we were able to resolve her concerns and give her a date for the 28th.  She got sick Sunday morning so she didn’t come to church but since she has been so many times before we’re still going to shoot for the 28th with her.

We got the Elders Quorum President involved with teaching Patrick this week.  Teaching him the Plan of Salvation was a little crazy because the old lady he is rooming with (I should clarify, he is renting a room in her house) entertainingly enough also named Pat, decided to sit in.  She is a very religious lady and so had a lot of questions that might have totally thrown the lesson off but we were able to keep things on track and focused on Patrick.  We may start teaching her officially in the future but for now since she isn’t healthy enough to come to church we’re going to focus on Patrick.  We taught another lesson to Pat and Pat on Friday about the law of tithing which he was down with and we thought he was good to go to come to church but we got a text from him Sunday morning telling he us he had to work.  ARGH!!! So he’s lost his date for the 22nd.  The plan is to re-extend for the 29th.

Thank you for your prayers!  Last night in the Colorado Springs zone (despite my companionship’s failings) we ended the week with 16 investigators with a baptismal date! That is phenomenal!!!  Usually Sundays tend to seperate the wheat from the chaff and by the end we’ve lost more then half of our people with dates but yesterday we kept almost all of them!  We’ve already had three baptisms so far this month so we are right on track to accomplish our goal of 12 baptisms as a zone!

Fun story: Elder Garnder and I recently burned through most of the people we’ve been trying to contact for the last 6 weeks and Elder Durrant and I are newer to the area so on Friday afternoon we had totally run out of names to contact.  We parked the car for a second to try and figure out where to go next.  While we were talking, an old lady walked up to us and asked if we could give her a ride a few blocks to her house since her feet were starting to hurt her from walking.  Uhh… Dilemma!  We can’t give other people rides, ESPECIALLY ladies in our car!  As luck would have it, the members that had signed up to feed us dinner lived near by so we called up Sister Gebhart, who is an absolute saint, and she was able to come give our new friend a ride home.  As she was getting into the car to go, she said she would like us to come visit her and gave us her address!  She has some memory issues so she may not be ready for baptism now, but who knows!  Maybe this will lead to something!


  Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • July 17th, 2012

    What great experiences! It is certainly an affirmation of the principle that teaches us that we can never anticipate who will be interested in the message of the restored gospel, or where we may come across those people. We have to always be ready to recognize opportunities and to be “sweetly bold” so that we can share what we have with those who want it. Have a great week!

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