The Work Rolls On


Things have been heating up, with record breaking temperatures all week here in Colorado Springs!  The fire consequently got worse and ended up burning thousands of acres and destroying hundreds of homes.  [347] Three companionships in the zone were forced to evacuate so we were in charge of finding them temporary homes until they could go back to their assigned proselyting areas.

We brought Elder Fabbi and Elder Scott over from Academy ward to come work Palmer Park with us since this ward is normally capable of two companionships anyways .  It was a great learning experience for all four of us and we enjoyed being together.  Elder Scott, a visa waiter on his way to Peru was actually in Helaman Halls fall of 2009 at BYU and we remember seeing each other around the Cannon Center.  Since we have only one truck we split up and had two drive, and two ride bikes.  Elder Scott and I stayed up north by our apartment so we biked most of the time. It was super fun!  Lots of weird people out on the streets but it is good to be able to talk with them and invite them to learn about the gospel.

While working with Elder Scott, we were able to contact and start teaching one of our Media referrals named Patrick.  Patrick is from back east and was recently divorced and has moved here to be with family and find work.  He had investigated the church twice before but had never been baptized.  He lives with his Dad who is an alcoholic and doesn’t like the Mormon church so for our first lesson we met Patrick at a park near his home. He loved hearing the doctrine of the restoration and feeling the spirit and volunteered to be baptized before we could even share the first vision.  He also came to church and loved it.  He is now preparing to be baptized on the 15th.

Our three investigators, Wally, and the Murdock brothers were baptized Saturday night.  Wally said he had never been happier.  All three of them spoke at the new member fireside last night and bore powerful testimonies, Wally especially.  It is amazing how deeply converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the church he has become in the last few weeks since “God started talking” to him.  He wants to share the gospel with others now, including his wife Joyce, who is now preparing to be baptized on the 22nd, despite being 89 years old!  Turns out, her mother “turned Mormon” and she had never told us or Wally!

The power of the Holy Ghost is certainly real and is a precious gift!


      -Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • July 8th, 2012

    What wonderful news about the success you are seeing in your work. It is interesting how adversity often is the catalyst to positive change in people’s lives. And it is never too late to change, as evidenced by your 89 year old investigator!

  1. Elder Florence- Loving hearing about your mission and the joys and trials of this journey of life that are made better by the gospel that you are sharing with those who are prepared. Thinking of you! Janna

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