Heating up in Colorado Springs

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It’sss Fiiiiiinally Summer!

And things are heating up around here in Colorado Springs with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees!  Additionally our zone is ON FIRE!!!  Thousands of acres have burned up in the mountains west of here and several companionships in the Zone have had to evacuate to neighboring areas as a safety precaution.  We also have 14 investigators in the Zone with baptismal dates right now which is HUGE for a Monday morning.  The last several weeks we’ve only had 8 so we’re poised to not only reach the mission standard of excellence in July of 12, but to set a new Zone baptism record!
Our Sunday ended up being super successful this week.  All three of our investigators with dates came to sacrament meeting, as well as a LA/PM family we’ve been teaching.  Wally Whitmire, Seth Murdock, and Keith Murdock are good to be baptized this Saturday at 7.  We’re doing a combined double baptism!

Friday morning, our investigator Wally Whitmire told us that after praying for several weeks, he finally got an answer from God that he, along with his wife, wasn’t supposed to smoke cigarettes anymore.  Now Wally is totally committed to not buy cigarettes or smoke ever again.  On Sunday he told us that since we started teaching him, God has been talking to him more than ever before and he is happier now than he has ever been in his entire life, and he expects to be even happier after he is baptized.  He is really starting to become converted to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and he has been smoke free for more than 3 days!

We visited with Rick and his non-member wife Karina again on Saturday, the LA/PM family that came to church.  He kept his commitment to read from the Book of Mormon and said he enjoyed what he read and felt good about it.  He still had doubts about praying and being able to get answers from the spirit, since he is worried that he might be answering his own prayers because he wants the Book of Mormon to be true, so we had a discussion about recognizing answers from the spirit.  We shared principles from Preach My Gospel and scriptures from the Book of Mormon that we felt would help him.  At the end of the lesson we invited him to offer the closing prayer.  He was reluctant to pray in front of us and his wife, but he did anyways.  Mid-prayer after asking God if he was “on the right path” the spirit came and touched our hearts.  He was silent for a few seconds, then he started to cry a little. As he finished the prayer I felt so much gratitude to the Lord for letting us help him have this great experience.  We have another appointment this weekend and our next goal is to commit his wife to baptism in July!

   –Elder Emmett Florence

[LaRee’s inserted update-] This letter was written Monday before the Waldo Canyon wildfire doubled in size, jumping into neighborhoods and forcing a mandatory evacuation of over 32,000 people.  Dozens of homes have burned with the real number not known as the smoke and conditions have prohibited officials from returning to burning and burned out areas. This is Emmett’s current zone.  See the below map with fire & evacuation area circled, Emmett’s current location by the red X and his zone outlined in yellow.  I am confident he is safe and I know he will be even more busy serving on the Lord’s errand with these new developments in his  assigned field of labor.  Thank you all for your continued prayers for his safety and all those on the Lord’s errand.

    • Linda Taylor
    • June 27th, 2012

    We will continue to pray for his protection and well-being. I know that even tragic circumstances can work for our good when we learn to trust the Lord. I’m sure that good will come from the devastation in the end.

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