22 Months

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Today marks 22 months since I reported to the MTC in August of 2010.  I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to do and how I have grown since then and I am grateful to the Lord for helping me get this far.  There is nothing I would ask to have changed about my experience so far.

Wally Whitmire and the Murdocks made it to church Sunday and had a good experience.  The Murdocks are progressing and should have no problem making their baptism date on the 30th.  Wally on the other hand while still very accepting of everything we have to teach him is still struggling to quit smoking.  He relapsed after the blessing and is back to half a pack a day so he is going to need more time.

We had to drop Dawn this week after she told us repeatedly that she believes that kneeling and saying a vocal prayer to a perceived ultimate embodied higher being is for inexperienced and less intelligent truth seekers and that she had evolved spiritually beyond to the point where she can now pray to snakes, trees and wind and anything else God is part of.  She also doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God or the Savior of the World so there’s no point in baptizing her.  She seemed sad when we told we couldn’t teach her anymore but there isn’t anything else we can do for her.  She is a good person.  Maybe she’ll come around someday.

I just talked to Elder May (we still email at the same library) and it sounds like things are going well in the old area.  Susan Landraum had her baby and accepted a date to be baptized soon which means someone I found tracting (after all this time knocking doors) is finally getting baptized!!!  Anne Baker is also being baptized on Wednesday and I should be able to go see it!

Speaking of tracting, we ran into a Part Member family knocking doors and started teaching them.  We checked our records and they are already in the ward directory and they have a teaching record in the area book but it is cool we found them the way we did anyways. The Less Active husband actually is interested in coming back to church and has good support from his extended family who are all active members.  His wife is a non-denominational Christian who has reluctantly agreed to support her husband and let us teach them.  We taught them a first discussion yesterday.  Interestingly I was inspired to go a lot deeper into certain topics during the lesson than I normally would teaching the restoration (for example, I busted out Ezekiel 37:15-17 to explain the Book of Mormon and I shared the Pugh Studies statistic that Mormons know the Bible better than anyone else, including JWs and Atheists) but later back at our apartment when we found their teaching record, after looking at unbeknown to us what they had been taught by missionaries before, we realized that what I had shared was exactly what she had needed to hear!  Cool huh?

The church is true!

     -Elder Emmett Florence

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