Staying Busy-22 Lessons Taught

Dear Family and Friends and Other,

Lots of success in the Palmer Park ward this week.  We started teaching the 15 and 13 year-old grandsons of one of our ward missionaries, Seth and Kieth Murdock.  They had been living with their Less Active Mom in Arizona and were never baptized but now they are living with their Dad, Step-mom and Step-grandparents who are active members.  They love having us over to teach them, especially when we use baseball terms to explain things.  They came to mutual and church and thanks to the young men had good experiences and want to keep going.  They are keeping their commitments, they love learning, they recognize the spirit and are solid for their baptismal dates on the 30th of June!

Our investigator Wally got lost Sunday morning so he didn’t make it to church, but he has recommitted to be baptized on the 24th instead.  The good news is we went over on Saturday and gave him a priesthood blessing to help him quit smoking and as of Sunday afternoon despite temptation he hadn’t smoked since.  Keep praying for him!

We started teaching the lady we found while helping the Snows clean.  Her name is Dawn Lamonte.  She is 25 and has had a lot of dark things in her past, including dysfunctional family situations, drugs, and disease.  Consequentially she prays to snakes, is all but homeless, and is afraid to do anything for herself.  She can be strange sometimes.  When we mentioned Satan while sharing the First Vision she pulled up her skirt to reveal a tattoo of a hermaphrodite devil on her upper leg and explained how she believed that evil was genderless (don’t worry, we’ve been exactly obedient about keeping the three on one rule with her. We’ve had a priest with us at every visit bless his heart.)  On the other hand she has incorporated lots of true principles about the plan of salvation from her trials and is very receptive to the things we have to share with her.  She is very charitable and is already boldly inviting her friends and neighbors to meet with us, so their is some potential to make a great latter-day saint out of her still.  She wants to come to church with us and be baptized even though we’re not sure why yet since she has trouble understanding the atonement of Christ, God the Father being an actual person and not a cosmic universal whatever that is everywhere and in everything (hence she prays to snakes and other things like plants or wind), and  she doesn’t believe in remission of sins.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying the peaceful feeling it brings her and the answers she is finding in it so I think if we let the spirit work on her by and by she will be converted.

I’m really glad to be in this area just after one of the companionships was pulled out.  It’s easy to stay busy and focused because we have only one companionship to do the work of two!  We taught 22 lessons this week to investigators, Less Actives and members and got tons of finding done and next week looks like it is going to be even better!

       -Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • June 18th, 2012

    It sounds like Dawn is like the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon, who had to be instructed in all of the basics about the nature of God and our relationship to him. If she is spiritually receptive, the spirit will teach her enough to keep her growing in the gospel.

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