Finishers Wanted

It’s June!

Wow, I cannot believe how fast May went by!  Chances are June will be worse.  I just got my “Finishers Wanted” letter from President Anderson so I’ve officially begun the beginning of the end of my mission.  It ‘s not so much that I’m afraid of my mission ending and going home, it just freaks me out that I only have two transfers left to be a full-time missionary in the CCSM!  I want to make the most of the time that is left as I can!

The new area is awesome.  Having only one ward to worry about and having my own apartment is great.  I also like my new companion Elder Gardner a lot. He’s from Carson City Nevada.  Very friendly and simple.  Doesn’t complicate anything.

Currently in the Palmer Park ward we have one investigator with a baptismal date named Wally.  He is an older gentleman, somewhere in his 70s.  He was formerly a Baptist but stopped attending church after his pastor offended him.  He agrees with everything we teach although he is struggling to grasp the whole “one true church” concept.  Other then that, the only thing that would keep him from being baptized on the 17th would be quitting smoking. He wants to stop, but his wife who is still smoking around him makes it hard.  He loves reading the Book of Mormon and he has already come to church so if we can keep helping him progress he should be able to overcome it.

Service Miracle!  On Thursday we were asked to come help Elder and Sister Snow, the senior couple in the mission over housing, go close an apartment that Elders had been staying in for several years.  Sadly the last Elders to live in the apartment left the place a mess, so we had to help clean it up.  After two hours of cleaning and hauling furniture, while making our last dumpster run, Elder Snow and I met a woman in the parking lot picking up trash and started talking with her.  After Elder Gardner and I left, Elder Snow struck up a conversation with her about the Book of Mormon.  Turns out she had read parts of it before but quit because of the war chapters.  She had just gotten a divorce and was going through a hard time so Elder Snow testified to her that the Book of Mormon was true and could help her.  She felt the Holy Ghost and told Elder Snow she believed that what he said was true!  The Snows got her address and phone number and passed it on to us so we will be teaching her sometime this week!  It’s amazing that what at first looked like a wasted afternoon cleaning up someone else’s mess, ended up being right where and when the Lord wanted us to be!


-Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • June 18th, 2012

    It is interesting how the Lord recognizes opportunities when we do not. This just serves to confirm how important it is to trust him in all things; even when we don’t understand what is going on, the Lord does and it is always part of his plan for us. If we can just be patient enough to let things unfold in his way and time, everything always works out.

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