It’s finally transfer day!!!

Well as expected I’m getting transfered from the North East zone next door to the Colorado Springs zone where I will be serving in the Palmer Park ward.  It’s going to be an adventure because I’ve never served in that zone before.  I also will have stewardship over the Spanish branch which will be interesting since I don’t trust most Spanish speaking missionaries as far as I can throw them.  I’m going to miss all the awesome people here in 15th and Stetson Hills wards, especially the Ridgleys, but the bright side is that I will still be extremely close by so we can keep in touch.  It’s not what I had envisioned, but I know the Lord is sending me where he wants me.  The other crazy thing is that this will most likely be my LAST AREA!!!

My next companion will be Elder Gardner.  He is a newer Zone Leader and has been in Springs one transfer longer than me.  I’ve met him a few times and he seems like a good guy.  I’ve only heard good things about him from other missionaries.

We had tons of success this week so I feel good about leaving the area strong!  In the 15th ward we started teaching a 14 year-old girl named Anne who was referred to us by the Elders in the 18th ward a few weeks ago.  It didn’t seem very promising at first, but after several attempts we were able to make contact with her and set up a teaching appointment.  Turns out Anne had recently gotten into trouble at school, and after some serious self reflection decided that she need a religion to help her be a better person.  Despite coming from a not very religious family, she started going to church with her LDS friend from school.  We taught her a first discussion with the YW’s president last Friday and committed her to be baptized on the 6th of June!  She has been keeping all the commitments we leave her including attending church with us on Sunday.  Her parents have also given her their permission and have agreed to support her decision to become a member of the Church!  In the 15th ward we also made some huge progress re-activating two less active sisters.  One came to church on Sunday for the first time in several years, the other came to a ward activity and developed friendships with several members and met the Bishop.  Both have been progressing spiritually and keeping commitments.

In the Stetson Hills ward, the Marruffo family came to church for the first time and had a good experience!  The sacrament meeting was packed with powerful doctrine and focused on the Savior.  Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday for them to have come.  We haven’t been able to teach them again so no baptism date but they have more questions and are excited to have us over again!

Liz hasn’t been doing as well.  She hasn’t been to church in 3 weeks because of mother’s day and work.  She doesn’t seem interested in talking with us anymore, even when we stop in just to say hi.  We had so many powerful lessons where she recognized the spirit but she still won’t keep any commitments.  Even Galadriel is getting frustrated with her.  Hopefully she’ll figure things out soon and get her act together so we can help her again.

I had an awesome thought recently about Temple marriage.  I had been puzzling over why the sealing wasn’t ever mentioned in the Bible or Book of Mormon when this came to me; if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to undo the negative consequences of the fall and return us to where Adam and Eve were before their transgression (a man and a woman married together forever), then it makes perfect sense that the crowning ordinance of the Gospel would be eternal marriage between a man and a woman!  Cool huh?  There’s the answer right there in the basics of the Gospel just like Hyrum Smith said.  What can I say more?  The church is true.

I’m attaching a more lighthearted song to this email that I thought would be appropriate.  (By the way none of the songs I will be sending are from me or this mission.  We’re still working on that.)


   -Elder Emmett Florence

    • Linda Taylor
    • June 18th, 2012

    What a wonderful upbeat letter! We are so proud of Elder Florence and all of his hard work as a missionary. He is a great example to all of us, and I know that he has some younger brothers who are already following in his footsteps. We wish him success in his new area, and a “strong finish.”

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