Still Tracting

Dear Family and Friends,

The week has been decent.  We dug up lots of new potential investigators tracting and working with members but nothing has turned into results yet.  Our investigator Liz had to work on Sunday so she lost her date for the 26th.  It’s disappointing but she is still progressing.  We may give her a date for the 27th but I doubt it.  She is having issues with the Word of Wisdom that we haven’t been able to help her kick yet and she still isn’t keeping her commitments to read from the Book of Mormon on her own.  We keep having these awesome spiritual lessons with her and she seems solid to start living the gospel but then nothing translates into her behavior the rest of the week.  She will get baptized eventually, it will just take some time I guess.

We started teaching the Marruffo family in the Stetson Hills ward this week.  They were referred to us by a member in the Cheyenne Mountain Young Single Adult ward. We taught them the restoration this morning.  They are 99% Mormon already.  Really friendly.  They agreed with everything we taught but we weren’t able to give them a date for baptism because they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and pray more on their own first.  They’ve had lots of experiences (good and bad) with other religions so they have tons of questions about ours and how it works.  Our plan is to get the a date ASAP!!!

I’m really concerned about being transferred.  I’ve been here for 4 transfers already so my chances of staying are slim but I don’t want to leave!  So many good things are happening!  I’m trying to figure out how I can get President Anderson to keep me here longer without actually asking him to let me stay here longer because he dislikes it when missionaries do that.  I’m just going to have to trust in the spirit and believe that God will send me where I’m supposed to be next transfer no matter what.

By the way we’re moving to another member’s house today so if you could start sending your letters to the mission office again that would be good.


  -Elder Emmett Florence

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