I was still getting used to April!  Time is starting to go by fast!

At our last Zone Leader Council, President Anderson shared with us how he felt the mission was not deeply converted to the gospel and so we were not baptizing as much as we could be.  His solution was for us to have more “sacred grove experiences” aka better morning studies (see Elder Kikuchi’s talk “Opening the Heavens” from general conference.) Elder May and I have been applying what we learned and seeing tons of miracles from it!  Our investigator Liz was having trouble understanding how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could be the one true church.  We had taught her the restoration twice, but she still didn’t understand that other Christian churches do not have priesthood authority.  Over the course of several days, we studied and then role played then re-role played our lesson plan as a companionship until we felt that it was just right.  Then we fasted on Sunday and asked to have the spirit with us.  The lesson Sunday night ended up going great!  We read from the account of Joseph Smith’s First Vision and asked the questions we had come up with during studies.  The member we brought with us also was a big help and was able to relate with her on a level that we had not been able to before.  The spirit came and Liz loved it!  To our amazement she accepted everything we taught her and wasn’t troubled at all by all other churches being wrong like we thought she would.  It was amazing to see the Holy Ghost come and teach her in her heart as we testified.  It was one of the best lessons I’ve taught my whole mission, all thanks to morning studies, prayer, and obedience!

Fast and Testimony Meeting before the lesson was also a good experience for Liz.  It was a huge miracle for us!  Since we had not yet been able to address her concern about this being the one true church, we were worried that if too many members bore their testimonies about the restoration or the Book of Mormon, she would misunderstand and be offended.  As the meeting began we prayed that all the speakers would be in tune with the spirit and bear testimony of principles that Liz would be able to understand.  As speaker after speaker got up and shared their testimonies, we were overjoyed!  No one mentioned the controversial topics we were worried about, and instead they were speaking of gospel principles Liz could relate to.  Then to our surprise, Liz got up and spoke! It was a nail-biter at first but she ended up sharing more about herself and her trials and thanking the ward for their help.  It was very spiritual.  The meeting wrapped up perfectly with a powerful testimony from a recent RM about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We could not have planned it better. We were so grateful that what could have been a disaster turned into a wonderful converting experience by the power of the Holy Ghost!  This church really is inspired! Kudos to the members here.

We found a lady tracting who is an alcoholic and probably hasn’t been sober since she was 21.  She is in a terrible place but wants help so we’ll see what can be done to help her.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!  Seriously.

            -Elder Emmett Florence

  1. It is great to read your letters. I completely agree with your conclusion that the Spirit will support us in our endeavors as long as we stay close and follow the promptings that we receive. When we see the attention that the Lord pays to all of the little things in our lives, it really reaffirms our testimony of His love for all of His children.

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