The Power of the Spirit

Good Morning Transfer P-day!

I am officially staying in the N.E. zone another transfer with Elder May!  Most of the zone is staying too, including all 4 of our District Leaders, Elders Kannan, Gibb, Peterson, and Schumacher.  I am very happy to be here six more weeks with everyone.  Our area especially is being blessed right now and there is tons of good work to be done here.

Brandy Rebhuhn passed her baptismal interview and has been smoke free now for two week!  She has been taught all of the lessons and cannot wait to be baptized this Friday!

My prayers were answered this week when we were able to start teaching Galadriel’s friend Liz Pierce again!  She was at the house when we went over to teach Brandy about the Plan of Salvation so we invited her to sit in.  She loved the lesson, even though she had trouble understanding the three degrees of glory and the Godhead.  She told us that since we started teaching her a few months ago she has felt drawn to our church and our doctrine despite opposition she gets from her husband and in-laws.  At her request, we met again the next day and read 3 Nephi 11 from the Book of Mormon.  We cross referenced to John 17 to help her understand the Godhead (which worked well) and talked about baptism.  At the end of the chapter we invited her to be baptized and she started crying.  She is so excited be baptized!  She wasn’t able to come to church this week because of work so we don’t have a scheduled date yet, but we have plans to teach her again tonight.  Huge miracle!

On exchanges with Elder Kannan we went to teach a first lesson to an older Less Active African-American brother on the 5-5-5 list in the Stetson Hills ward named Thomas Rice.  His wife Anet (also African-American) is not a member of the church so as we were sitting down we invited her to sit in on the lesson.  She informed us that she had been a Methodist her whole life and that she was 73 and that she would never change but she would hear our message.  Elder Kannan and I taught a powerful lesson on the restoration with the spirit.  Several times Brother Rice and his wife nodded their heads and told us they believed that what we were teaching them was true.  After the first vision the spirit was so strong that I decided to invite Anet to be baptized despite what she had told us at the beginning of the lesson.  I made the invitation and to my surprise, she started crying and said she would love to be baptized.  We wrapped up by giving her a date and committing her to read from the Book of Mormon and to come to church.  They both were very excited.

The next day when Elder May and I went over for a follow-up visit, Anet told us she had some bad news for us.  When we asked what it was, she apologized and said she didn’t know what came over her, but after we had left the day before she started thinking and remembered that she was a Methodist and couldn’t be baptized Mormon, and so she wasn’t interested in investigating the church anymore.  We invited her to sit in again on our lesson with her husband and she said yes.  We read 3 Nephi 11 and focused on priesthood authority.  It dawned on her that it was possible that the Methodist church doesn’t have the priesthood.  We invited her to be baptized again and this time she said she would pray about it.  Who knows what will happen, but at least it was awesome watching the spirit soften someones heart.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Love,

                          -Elder Emmett Florence

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