Happy Easter Everyone!

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Elder Florence and Elder May’s Easter Dinner with Christine Caywood

Many wonderful things happened in our area this week.  For starters, after many years, Christine Caywood was baptized and confirmed by her Return Missionary son in the Stetson Hills ward.  There was a great turn out at the baptismal service on Saturday of about 7, just as we planned.  (Sister Caywood wanted it to be small with just the family and a few friends) It has been a huge blessing to be even a small part of her conversion.  Earlier in the week our former investigator, Brandy Rebune, came back from her ex’s place to Galadriel’s house and wants to quit smoking and be baptized again!  We decided to set her date for April 20 so she would have time to be totally smoke free in time but she keeps asking us if we can move it to this weekend instead.  She can’t wait to be baptized! She is doing much better this time quitting smoking and being honest with us.  I think she will make her date.  It is going to be an incredible experience for her.

We also gave Marissa Benavidez a baptismal date in the Stetson Hill’s ward.  Her Dad is less active and she just turned.  The whole family has a desire to come back to church and be active in the gospel, the Dad works in the construction business and has a very difficult work schedule so they don’t always make it to church.  It shouldn’t be too hard to help them though.  We’ll make it happen.
On Sunday Galadriel (voluntarily) taught the Gospel Principles class on the Atonement and brought several of her non-member friends including her un-baptized adult daughter Kristina to watch!  It felt so good to see her teaching others what I had been teaching her only a few months ago!  She gets all of it!  She is amazing.
Our other investigator Madison Carpenter has been struggling with quitting smoking and isn’t sure if she wants to be baptized anymore.  We went over to talk with her yesterday but I ended up getting in an argument with her 16-year-old brother about whether or not he had to live the Word of Wisdom.  He needed some rebuking but I’m embarrassed to say that I ended up driving the spirit away and maybe doing more harm than good.  Oh well, I’m a little wiser now than before.  Definitely won’t let it happen again.
In the month of March North East was the top baptizing zone in the CCSM! To celebrate we treated our District Leaders with Martinelli’s and ice-cream sandwiches at the stake center.  Then we discussed ways we could help the zone continue to baptize since now we only have 4 people with baptismal dates.  We came up with some great ideas (received revelation I should say) and everyone is pumped to go out and work!  We also had interviews with President yesterday which went very well.
Thank you for the great letters and the Easter care-package.  They were very much appreciated.

      -Elder Emmett Florence

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