April Fool’s Day!

Happy Birthday Corbin!

Nothing to elaborate for April Fool’s day.  I did tape up a few of the cut outs of my head from Aurora’s wedding while Elder May was in the shower which scared him pretty good when he came out.  Then I reversed the days in Elder May’s missionary planner while he wasn’t looking.  It took him a minute to figure it out after I asked him to tell me what our stats were for a few days ago.  He started flipping through his planner with a very confused look on his face then realized what had happened and laughed.

A shout out for cousins Hank and Trevor Florence;  Last week I helped an old buddy of yours from California move in named “Vaughn Gibbs”.  Remember him?  The cool thing is he served his mission here several years ago during the inception of the CCSM.  It was cool to hear how far the mission has come since he was here.

General Conference was amazing!  We watched all four sessions with Recent Converts like Galadriel and they loved it!  The church is true!

Chris Caywood, the eternal investigator we picked up last week, passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized this Saturday by her son who recently returned from his mission!


   -Elder Emmett Florence

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