Happy Spring!

Can anyone believe winter is official done and over with?  I can’t.  I’ve been waiting for the real winter weather for months now and it still hasn’t shown up!

I had a great near-death experience Saturday on team-ups with Elder May and a priest in the Stetson Hills ward.  We were visiting with some Less Active members and their non-member roommate who had been drinking.  We were out on their porch and after talking a few minutes it was very clear to Elder May and I that the roommate, although very friendly, was drunk and we should leave.  As we were leaving the Less Actives mentioned they had purchased a new shotgun to protect their family.  Much to our dismay, the priest we were with (who in the sweet innocence of his youth had no clue that the roommate was drunk) asked if he could see the gun.  The roommate went inside then came back out with the shotgun and started waving it around and showing off all it’s features.  Now I may not be an expert on gun safety, but even I know that pointing guns at anyone EVER is a big no no, so naturally Elder May and I were extremely concerned when the roommate started pointing the thing in our direction.  Oh and did I mention that it was LOADED!!!  I was totally prepared for the roommate to get carried away with his demonstration and end my mission and life prematurely.   Fortunately we were able to “dodge a bullet” so to speak and get him to put the gun down and we left with all our vital organs and limbs intact!  We have a return appointment to teach them Wednesday!  Thanks for your prayers for safety!!!

The family of five we were teaching anti-ed themselves and don’t want to meet with us anymore.  It is sad that they are choosing to reject the truth even after having several spiritual confirmations from God.

Beth was baptized in Monument!  We have lots of extra miles this month so we got to drive up to her baptism.  It was extra special because Elder May and Elder DeCoria were the original missionaries that found her tracting and started teaching her!  It was like being in heaven!

-Elder Emmett Florence

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