My Joy is Full!

Dearest Person reading this,

Things have been going great with my new companion Elder May!  He is from a farming town in Idaho, loves good music and fun, and was companions last transfer with my MTC comp, Elder Appel, in my old area Castle Pines and Lone  Tree wards!  He is easy to work with and we both have the same goals and ideas about how to do missionary work here and lead the zone so I am expecting great things to start happening soon!

The 15/LA program in both our wards is working out and we have been teaching tons lately.  During one of our lessons to a LA sister Elder May forgot who he was teaching and after sharing the first vision he invited her to be baptized!  She was confused, so I saved it by explaining that by being baptized we really meant being re-baptized by coming to church and taking the sacrament.  We laughed about it afterwards. The best part was that the spirit was so strong that we are both pretty sure that if she could have accepted the invitation to be baptized a second time, she would have!

It feels great to be 100% obedient and have weekly planning again!  We are already seeing huge miracles come from it!  A few days ago while we were driving to an appointment we felt a strong prompting to go see a part-member family we had been struggling to make contact with for months because of their busy work schedules.  Even though it was 4:30 in the afternoon and the chances of catching them at home were even slimmer than usual, we decided to stop by anyways.  Miraculously, while we were knocking on their door, the non-member wife pulled up in her car and started unloading groceries and we started helping her and so we got a few minutes to talk.  She was in a hurry because she only had a few minutes before she needed to change and go back to work, but before we asked even one gospel related question, she voluntarily told us that she had been talking with some members of the church and that she now wants to be baptized!!!  It was incredible seeing what could happen when we were guided by the spirit.

We were also blessed to commit a whole family to start investigating the church again and let us teach them the missionary lessons!  More updates to come…

Galadriel and Anna got to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead on Saturday and had a wonderful time!  In opposition to this experience Brandy started lying again and is leaving/being kicked out of Galadriel’s house to go back to her old habits and her old abusive boyfriend and isn’t investigating the church anymore.  We’re sad, but what more could we have done for her?  Hopefully she will come around eventually, repent, and be baptized, it just isn’t going down this weekend on the 17th anymore, that’s for sure.  Galadriel’s family, especially Anna took it pretty hard so on Sunday night we went over and read Mosiah 24 from the Book of Mormon with them.  We were blown away again by how awesome they are when Abagail relayed the entire story of King Noah to us in detail after we asked if any of them knew who Alma was.  I love them so much and my joy is full because I get to see them embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ with open arms!

The church is true!!!

-Elder Emmett Florence

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