March Madness

It’s MARCH!!!

It’s transfer P-day here in the CCSM and some really great things are happening!  Elder Tauteoli went home last Friday so I’ve been in a threesome with Elder Harvey and his boy Elder Weisbarth-Tafaoimalo for the last few days!  Taking care of four wards, running the zone and doing stake and mission stat reports by myself has been stressful but fun!  We’ve had a great time together teaching, baptizing and sharing spiritual experiences.

It is great to be the senior Zone Leader now!  I just feel so much more free and excited to work and serve!  Life is good!  My new companion will be a missionary who came out one transfer after me named Elder May.  This will be his first time being a Zone Leader.  Last transfer he was serving with my MTC companion, Elder Appel, in my old area in the Castle Pines and Lone Tree wards so we already have that in common.  I have a great feeling about this next transfer!

Our new investigator Brandy confessed to us yesterday at Galadriel’s house that she had relapsed on her goal to quit smoking.  We’re really happy she told us instead of trying to hide it.  We talked with her about her plans to overcome her addictions, and then taught her about the atonement of Jesus Christ.  The spirit was powerful.  It was a cool miracle that I happened to be with Elder Harvey and Elder W.T. because Elder W.T. was able to connect with her on a deeper level than I could’ve.  After the closing prayer we gave her a blessing.  She has been to church twice in a row now so she is on track again for her baptismal date on the 17th.

On Sunday in Elder Harvey’s ward we baptized an old blind black guy named Cyruss.  It was an amazing baptism, but because it started and ended late, I missed hearing Galadrial, Anna and Abagail speak at the RC fireside.  It was very disapointing but it was an accident that it happened and Galadriel and her family had a great experience anyways so it doesn’t matter.  I am just grateful to have baptized them.  They are the most amazing people.


   -Elder Emmett Florence

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