Out of bounds in the zone

Elder Florence ready to crack down on his zone


I had my first zone crisis this week.  A companionship didn’t call into their district leader Tuesday night so we were up trying to figure out where they were until 10:50 when they finally showed up at their house.  Their poor District Leader Elder Gibb had to drive out to their area at 9:45 to find them and got pulled over by an under cover cop without his license or car registration.  MIRACULOUSLY he got let off with a warning.  Elder Gibb stayed and talked with the companionship for awhile so we stayed up until 12 waiting for him to get back to his area safe too.  We had to get the APs and President Anderson involved and everything.  Since it wasn’t a first offense, the next morning at Zone Conference President decided to have the companionship that was out late split up and emergency transferred out of the zone.  Turns out they had been staying out late and even watching movies with members for awhile now behind our backs.  The worst part is now we have been finding out that several other companionships and even one of our four District Leaders has been goofing off and being disobedient too!  I’m really mad that they would break our trust in them like that.  I sent out a mass message to the zone and chastised everyone for not being as accountable to the Lord as they should be.  So far the missionaries have responded well and are doing what they are supposed to now.  The whole experience has changed the way I’m going to deal with my zone in the future.  From now on I’m done beating around the bush.  If I hear that someone isn’t doing what they are asked to be doing I’m going straight to the source of the problem and cracking down on it HARD.

I lost another companion this week.  One of the APs tipped me off at zone conference that my last companion in Monument Elder Slawson was flying home the next day.  I guess after several months of coping with not being able to sleep he and President decided it would be best for him to go home to try and recover.  I called him and he was doing a lot better than I was expecting.  Last time we talked he was adamant about not going home early.  He said it wasn’t an option.  Now he said he is bummed to have to leave, but he is at peace that he tried his best and that the Lord has a purpose in him going back to Arizona.  His grandparents live in Roseville so he wants to come visit me later this year.

Galadriel got her first calling at church this Sunday as the new ward service coordinator!  Her family is very proud and she is very excited!  It will be perfect for her!  Another update with the Ridgley family; Anna’s biological mother Brandy is staying with them right now (don’t ask me how or why) and is trying to clean up her life.  On Sunday she came to church for the first time and she is interested in meeting with us!

Other than that we’re teaching lots of LAs with partial success.  I’m pretty sick of people flaking out all the time.  Next transfer I’m considering a major cleansing of our teaching pool and then starting from the ground up.


  -Elder Emmett Florence

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