3/4 Up the Mountain

Elder Florence Weilding the Sword of Truth

On Saturday I hit 18 months which put me at my 3/4 mark.  It is amazing that I have come this far.  It’s like looking back down over your shoulder while climbing a cliff and getting dizzy.  But I’m pressing forward!  These last 6 months will be the best yet I’m sure!  There is much work left to be done!  So many things left to learn!

Cece was baptized on Valentine’s Day!  It was a great service!  Lots of people from the ward came to support Cece (there was an unusually large turn out from the priest quorem…) the water was warm, and the spirit was strong!  Cece is quite a pioneer for a 16 year old highschooler.  None of her family came to the baptism or is even interested, but she didn’t let it bother her.  She knows how she feels and loves the Lord and is not afraid to stand out to do what is right.  She was confirmed by the Bishop on Sunday and will be a great addition to the 15th ward.

Galadriel was been seeing tons of blessings from paying tithing.  Money has been coming from all over the place to help her pay her bills, and this week, her landlord agreed to pay to have badly needed pest control services done on her house that originally she was going to have to pay for herself!  The church is true!

On a sadder note, I got a text on Monday that my son [term missionaries use for a new Elder they train] Elder James Erickson was going home early honorably due to medical issues and probably wouldn’t be returning to the mission field.  He left on Thursday.  I got the chance to talk with him on the phone once before he left.  He was a great missionary.  I was really looking forward to watching him grow and progress here in the CCSM.  At a leadership meeting I talked with Elder Kannan, Elder Erickson’s first companion after me.  He told me I had trained Elder Erickson really well and shared some of the spiritual experiences they had had together.  It was a nice compliment.  I’m still sad and surprised he had to go (and not having “posterity” is a bummer) but I’m at peace about it.

Yesterday we teamed up with Elder Harvey and his companion and hosted a basket ball game at the church for some of the primary aged kids we are working with.  We had members, Recent Converts, non-members, and Less Actives there.  It was great!  Way more people came then we were expecting so we ended up playing basketball, football, soccer, and rugby!  Elder Tauteoli and I made the mistake of showing up in shirts and ties and got way sweaty.


-Elder Emmett Florence

    • Kay Kimball
    • February 21st, 2012

    Really – 75% success already! Elder Florence is an amazing wordsmith. No doubt he was adopted! ha ha.

      • LaRee
      • February 27th, 2012

      Kay! It is so great to hear from you! Every time you bring a smile to my face.

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