Happy Single’s Awareness Day!

Service with a Smile

“You’re afraid to give her a compliment aren’t you?  Wow!  The sexual frustration in this room right now is through the roof!”

-Jeremy, LA RM
(to Elder Tauteoli & the Sister missionaries at a baptism in the YSA ward on Sunday)

Cece passed her interview and is all set to be baptized tomorrow night.  It has been a long road with opposition of all sorts but we’ve finally made it to the end!

It has been cold and snowy lately so we haven’t spent much time on the street.  Instead we’ve been contacting Less Actives (LA) and former investigators.  We’ve actually been seeing lots of success re-activating people from it.   For instance, we just contacted a convert who was only LA because her new ward hadn’t contacted her yet and she thought no cared about her (the ward didn’t drop the ball, they just didn’t have her records until recently).

We stopped in on Kyle and Susan this week and taught a follow up lesson.  Susan has been frusterated that Kyle hasn’t been coming to church with her and wants to wait to be baptized but a huge miracle happened!  Since Kyle started meeting with us and praying again, he got a new job that he wanted and now he has time off on Sundays so he can come to church!  We read Alma 32 and discussed how they can nurture their faith then committed them to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and come to church.  They weren’t there yesterday and we still haven’t been able to contact them to see why.  They are right on the edge so prayers for them would be appreciated.

We had our Zone Leaders Conference on Wednesday and finalized the CCSM music policy.  It was very validating because President Anderson picked my policy as the rough draft to base everything on.  I butted heads with APs (Assistants to the President) on a couple of points but it worked out really nicely.  At first they wanted to scrap my idea and replace it with their own idea (which I still think was a bad idea by itself) but when President helped us combine the two together we got a great music policy that combines simple direct guidelines with flexibility.  Everything is so easy when you just Yes-and!  The only times I ever have problems with people are when I forget about the Play Theory principles!

Hope all is well and that you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

Seriously sincerely,

 -Elder Emmett Florence

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