Getting Good Work Done


I just found out from the Elders serving back in Monument that my Recent Convert, Pat, is planning on marrying a former investigator I taught with Elder Erickson.  She wants to get baptized too now!  There are still a lot of things to smooth over, but hopefully they will be able to make it to the Temple together someday.

Susan came to church again which is a good sign, but Kyle Still doesn’t have work off so she wants to wait to be baptized.  They’ve been really busy so we haven’t been able to teach them anymore but Susan is still studying the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles manual and praying on her own.

We got up at 5 to teach seminary on Thursday.  It was actually easier to wake up than usual for some reason.  I think 6:30 is right in the middle of a sleep cycle for me or something like that.

Other than that not much else to report.  Elder Tauteoli likes to spend a lot of time dropping in on members, LAs and potential investigators and getting to know them.  Often it is late and dark and I would rather go in and plan or study or make phone-calls but Elder Tauteoli makes us go and visit more people anyways.  It feels a little forced for me but no one has gotten mad at us yet and we’re getting good work done doing it so I can’t complain.


-Elder Emmett Florence

    • paul white
    • February 14th, 2012

    great to hear the progress of what I used to call the Colorado Denver Mission back in 87-89! is the Air Force Academy part of your area you are currently covering or is that a bit north? Fountain/security was the most south I was! Laramie Wyoming was my last area! Take Care

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