A New Mission Music Policy

Dear Everyone!

We’re teaching this awesome couple named Kyle and Susan!  They are both in their early twenties and have only been married for a few years.  Susan is currently expecting their first child.  We were out tracting last Monday ago when we ITLed Kyle while he was working on his car in his driveway.  He was very friendly and after talking for a few minutes, it came up that he was already a Mormon but had not been active since he was 12.  We asked him if wanted to start coming back to church and he said yes!  On Friday we went back and taught Kyle and his non-member wife, Susan, who was raised Nazarene.  They told us that they wanted to believe in God because they knew it would bring more stability and peace into their lives, but because of all the “bad luck” they had been experienced in the past few years and all the bad things that were happening in the world like wars and famines, they weren’t sure if they had faith anymore.  To resolve their concerns, we taught them about the restoration and read from the Book of Mormon with them.  They committed to start reading and praying, and coming to church.  Susan also agreed to start preparing to be baptized on the 12th of February!  We were worried on Sunday because Kyle had to work but Susan came by herself to church for the first time anyways!  It was a big step for her since she and Kyle are more shy and on the quiet side.  So far they have been keeping all their commitments and are right on track to receive the spiritual witness they are looking for that God loves them and wants them to be apart of His church!

I’m getting along with Elder Tauteoli.  He has been a lot better to be around this transfer.  We’re starting to figure out each others missionary styles and how to work together.

President Anderson has asked me to write up a new mission music policy to be discussed at the next zone leader council (ZLC) which means I will be co-responsible in deciding what missionaries can and cannot listen to for the next three years!

Our investigator Cece is doing good still.  She is stoked for her baptism on Valentines day.


-Elder Emmett Florence



PS.    Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Coming on a Mission
1.    How to recognize the Spirit.
2.    What is personal revelation? In what ways do I receive it? And how do I recognize it?
3.    The scriptures
4.    The principle of accountability
5.    Planning
6.    How to overcome adversity and deal with stress, discouragement, and disappointment on a mission.
7.    How to recognize the Adversary
8.    You can have fun and be yourself on a mission.

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