“So why did you start coming back to church?”

Elders Love Packages

We just had transfers!  Surprisingly almost nothing in my Zone is changing.  Same companion, almost all the same district leaders and only two new missionaries coming in.  It will make things a lot smoother this next transfer.

We’re teaching a friend of the 15th ward Bishop’s son named Cece who is preparing to be baptized on Valentine’s day.  She has a wonderful kind spirit and despite never being religious before in her life she already has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel.  A lot of her friends and her friend’s ex-mormon parents at school are trying to to talk her out of joining the church and are hitting her pretty hard with anti-mormon junk, but she doesn’t let any of it get to her.  We were worried about her at first but she is solid.  She is already doing missionary work and inviting her friends to meet with us!

Oh man.  This young sinle adult (YSA) showed up to church for the first time in several years last Sunday and asked to meet with the Bishop.  During fast and testimony meeting she got up and shared her re-activation story about how she had been deep into witchcraft for the last few years and how after a having the same nightmare of a demon coming to her and “taking away her virginity” three nights in a row she realized that she needed to repent and come back to Christ.  It was touching.  Really.  Tender mercy that we didn’t have any investigators or Less Actives (LAs) there that day.  TENDER MERCY!!  Then when we went to teach her and introduce her to the Sister missionaries (she will be attending the YSA ward that they cover), Sister Demerutis  asked “So why did you start coming back to church?” and she shared the whole story again with the sisters.  Elder Tauteoli and I were dying on the inside it was so funny to see the looks on the sister’s faces.

Love from the CCSM,

-Elder Emmett Florence

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