A Warm Chilly Baptism

Galadriel & her family

Happy Day!

Galadriel and her two daughters were baptized and confirmed this weekend.  They were all totally ready for it.  Galadriel told us that the night before she was so excited she stayed awake until 4 in the morning!  It was a wonderful experience for everyone.  Elder Tauteoli got to baptize Galadriel, and I was asked to baptize the two daughters.  Tons of members came to show their love and support, as well as several of Galadriel’s non-member family and friends.  Due to some communication issues between me and my companion and some mechanical failures on the part of the church plumbing system, the water in the font was freezing!  Galadriel was a good sport about it though.  Everything else was perfect!  I felt so good afterward, like I was a new missionary again.  I’m refreshed and ready to go back to work!  As for Galadriel and her family, they are eager and willing to participate as much as they can in the gospel and their new church “home”.  She is already making plans to have her 7 year old daughter baptized when she turns 8 this November. (and they want me to do the baptism so pencil in a potential CCSM road trip Mom)  Way elect!


-Elder Florence

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