In the Zone

Zone Leading

This email is going to have to be short since I had to spend so much time getting pictures uploaded.  For some reason stupid stupid Windows can’t figure out how to upload things in order so all my pictures from the last several transfers in Monument with Elders Erickson and Slawson and the last month here with Elder Tauteoli are scrambled around.  Can you figure out which missionaries are my companions and which companions they are?  Have fun!

My area is doing really well.  Our investigator Galadriel and her three daughters all came to church for the third time in a row so they are ready to be baptized this Saturday!  We still need to teach them a few more things and get them interviewed, but they already have great testimonies.  Galadriel has already invited some of her friends to come to church and start meeting with us!

The Zone is also picking up speed.  A majority of the companionships have investigators with dates right now, and most of the ones who don’t have solid plans this week to get some.  We almost have twelve baptisms set for the month!  To help the Zone I’ve been trying to help build their faith by staying positive during call ins, focusing them on principles in Preach My Gospel and the scriptures that will help them succeed, and by promising them blessings.  It has been really amazing to see how when I give an inspired promise to a missionary, things really do happen and the promise comes true!  It makes me really appreciate the weight of the responsibility I have and it strengthens my testimony of the power of the priesthood.

Have a good one!

-Elder Emmett Florence

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