Starting the New Year off with a BANG!

Can anyone believe it is 2012 already?

It is blowing my mind!  I have a great feeling about this next year.

Our single-mom investigator and her three daughters came to church again on Sunday!  Despite the temptation to sleep in after New Year’s Eve parties, they all committed (on their own) the day before that no matter how late they stayed up, they would be at church at 11am the next day.  They are solid!  And thanks to the Holy Ghost, and our great members, especially our WML who made sure all of the kids had someone to show them around to their different classes, everyone in the family had a great experience. When one of the members at church asked the Mom if she was visiting she was a little confused by the question and said

“No, we’re not visiting.  We’re planning on staying here.” 

The 16 year-old daughter after attending YWs and sunday-school said “Wow!  They were really nice!  Going to church is going to be easy!”  And best of all, the ten year-old exclaimed “I can’t wait until next Sunday!”  Great things are happening!  They are right on track for their baptism on the 14th!

We are also teaching a young sister who is dating one of the priests (the Bishop’s son) in the 15th ward.  At this point she is ready to and very willing to be baptized, except she made a promise to her sister out on the east coast before she started meeting with us that she would wait to be baptized until Valentine’s day in February.  To try and move the date up, we’re going to see if the sister will let the missionaries over there come and teach her so that she will understand why our investigator wants to get baptized and let her do it sooner.  Please pray that her heart will be softened!

Some details about the week; we found a few new investigators tracting, went roller skating with our investigators with baptismal dates on P-day, worked with LAs, and helped move a few fridges around for people.  Good stuff.

Well my time is up.  Have a good one!  love,

-Elder Emmett Florence

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