Christmas for Cowboys Laboring in the Field

Christmas Skyping


Christmas Day was packed!  At 9am we attended 15th ward sacrament meeting and were overjoyed to find our investigator and four of her daughters there, along with several Less Actives (LA) we have been working with. Next we headed over to Stetson Hills for another Christmas sacrament meeting at 11am, and we were again overjoyed when a whole family of 5 that we have been teaching and preparing for baptism arrived a few minutes before the meeting began, making in total 9 investigators at church for the day!  Then at 12:30 we went and visited with another Less Active family before heading over to the Woodward’s for early Christmas dinner as well as phone calls home.  At 3:30 we went over to a recent convert’s (RC) house and watched the first 2/3rds of “Tron” before heading over to a baptism at 5pm.  In addition to seeing Elder Slawson and all the other Elders in my last District, and getting to play the piano accompaniment for the opening and closing hymns, it was a very spiritual baptismal service that I am very grateful I was able to attend.  Afterwards we rushed back over to the RC’s place and finished “Tron” (which I loved!) then we went and had a second dinner with another LA family and watched our second allotted movie “Toy Story 3” (which was just as fantastic and wonderful as I remembered) all in time to get back home in time to take call-ins from the Zone and compile our Zone statistical report for the APs.  I am wiped!  So ready to just have a normal P-day today!

At our multi-Zone Christmas conference I ended up accompanying on the piano for several congregational hymns and two musical numbers.  One was a violin piano duet I played with another Elder, the other was a piano arrangement of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” that the Sister missionaries in my last District sang along to that I actually threw together myself!  It felt awesome to play so much!

We got a lot of good work done this week.  A highlight was giving one of our investigators and her four daughters and one baby boy a church tour.  They were found at the end of last transfer by Elder Tauteoli and his last companion tracting (behind the very first door they knocked on) but because of circumstances we had not been able to teach them a real lesson yet.  After walking around the building and showing them all the different classrooms and explaining where they would go on Sunday, we took them to the relief society room and let them see the baptismal font.  The kids asked us if they could walk down into the font.  We told them they could as long as they were reverent.  They asked us why and what it meant to be reverent which gave us a great opportunity to teach them about the Holy Ghost and how special baptism is.  While they were exploring the font we asked them how they felt inside.  One of the younger daughter said that she felt “good”.  The others agreed.  Then we asked them what they thought that meant.  The same daughter answered again, “it means that baptism is a good thing.”  It was really cool to watch how the spirit was teaching them.  Last we went into the chapel and explained the sacrament and then taught them about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Despite distractions from cell phones and the baby, the family listened more intently then any investigators I have ever seen before on my mission as we shared Joseph Smith’s first vision, and all (the four who were old enough) eagerly accepted the invitation to be baptized.  They all came to church on Sunday and are now preparing to be baptized on January 14th!  It is such a blessing to be teaching them.  It is clear that they have been prepared for the blessings of the Gospel, we just get to help them receive it.

Lots of good things are happening, but I will have to write more about them next week.


-Elder Emmett Florence

  1. Elder F- I can just feel the positive energy you are creating out in Colorado. It is a blessing to be busy and nothing better than busily being about the Lord’s work. Momma Janna virtual hugs to you, j

    • Jerry Medlar
    • February 12th, 2012

    Elder Florence – so glad that you are keeping busy with great things and enjoying your mission. It is wonderful when people join the church; it adds so much to the other members experience of the gospel. The new converts are a great inspiration to us oldies. Keep up the great work.

    Jerry Medlar

  2. Elder Florence is one handsome dude!

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