Holy Holly Cow!

This last week has just been crazy!  My new area here in northern Colorado Springs is way more fast-paced then in Monument.  We cover two wards; Stetson Hills and 15th.  Both have very strong missionary-minded active members and several investigators and LAs in their teaching pools. We spend most of our time teaching.  I have a lot of new people, places and things to remember.  On top of that I’m learning how to be a Zone Leader, which entails staying up later recording stats, working with stake as well as ward leaders, and trying to figure out ways to help the zone baptize more and always setting a good example for other missionaries.  I’m enjoying it. There has just been too much going on to go into detail.  Last Monday in Monument seems like forever ago since so much has happened!  I will relay more information about our investigators and the area as I get to know them all better.

My new companion is Elder Taouteoli.  His family is Tongan but he was born and raised in SLC, Utah.  He is very athletic, sociable and loves to baptize.  I think we will get along fine.  He has been out on his mission for 21 months and will be going home in two transfers.  Chances are I will be his last companion.  He loves his mission though so he is nowhere near “trunky” yet.

Alright, I need to go so I can write my email to President.  Have a merry Christmas!

Elder Emmett Florence

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