Zone Leader

Dear Everyone!

Big news!  Today is our transfer day, and I have been called to serve as a Zone Leader right here in North-East Colorado Springs!  I’m looking forward to it, especially since I’m staying in the same zone and I already know the area pretty well.

Elder Slawson and have enjoyed a very short six weeks here together and will be sad to be splitting. As parting gifts we bought each other new trumps ties; 66% silk, 34% metallic. So awesome.  At least he will still be here in Monument so we will still see a lot of each other next transfer.

Me and Elder Slawson’s suspicions regarding our two friends at the pizza place were confirmed by another Elder in the Zone.  Elder Slawson was bummed out at first, but he’s just filled with “righteous anger” about it.  The episode has left us wiser.  Last P-day when a young unusually friendly dude walked up to us and started talking to us I cut right to the chase and asked him if he was a member already.  Turns out he was an ex-member working for one of the huge anti-mormon churches in the area.  I wonder why he was so excited to talk to us?

Okay so my computer just froze up and I’ve had to switch to Elder Slawson’s.

Nice try at the Palmer Divide party to make me look like a dork!  Fortunately I had a feeling you would write something silly so while Elder Slawson was reading his letter from home to everyone first, I took the liberty of glancing over your letter and made a few editorial corrections before reading over the mic!  Ha ha!  [We had  listed geocahcing and pokeman as two of his obsessive pastimes]

Thanks again for all the love and support.  It really makes a difference.

-Elder Emmett Florence

PS I will send some pictures next week.

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