Two in a row!

Happy December!

We enjoyed more LA success!  The LA family that showed up to church unexpectedly last week came again!  They had a great experience this time and participated in the Gospel Principles class that Elder Slawson and I ended up teaching because our WML was sick and now they have invited us to have dinner with them!  Such a great day!

There was some drama this week related to our Zone Leaders acting immaturely in my district meeting this week.  I was okay but Elder Slawson was very upset by it.  We’re working it out, but it really makes me sad that it happened in the first place.  That is one of the hard parts of being a missionary is you see a lot of the underside of God’s army.  It is very depressing sometimes to see missionaries conduct themselves poorly.

I had another feigned golden contact incident.  Elder Slawson and I had lunch on Saturday with a potential investigator we found shopping at Wal-Mart last week.  We were way excited to meet with him since no one we give our phone numbers out to ever calls us back but this guy did and he told us he was bringing another one of his friends along that wanted to talk to us too.  So we met them at a pizza place in town and started talking.  I immediately noticed that he was being sneaky about how familiar he was with the church and that his friend had brought a NIV Bible.  Red flags really started waving in my head when we told them that both of our families were members and that we were descendants of Mormon Pioneers and they said “Oh, well that’s cool… but lets talk about just your faith, I mean, because we all have to break away from our parents and find out things for ourselves, you know what I mean man?  What do you really believe?”  Then they launched off on how after years of righteous living and self-doubt and introspection they had finally figured that “it’s all about the relationship” with God and that “nothing we do matters”.  We just smiled and agreed with the things they were saying that were true, although it was really clear they were trying to get us to doubt our religion.  By the end I was pretty sure that they were more interested in getting us to leave the church then joining themselves.  I think they were actually disappointed that we didn’t get into any arguments about doctrine.  As we were getting ready to go he told us that he wanted to get together with us again so we could discuss some of the church’s “eternally consequential” doctrines, aka “things you believe that I think are going to stop you from being saved and so I need to correct you”.  It was getting really annoying by the end how deceptive they were being about their intentions.  He made himself sound like he was a golden investigator so we would talk with him and he knew it.  I know we go around all day trying to convert people to a new way of thinking and doing things, but at least we’re up-front about it.

Some members in our ward had a Bengal (as in “Bengal Tiger”) Cat.  It was crazy.  It cuddles like a cat, plays fetch like a dog, and will run on a giant cat-wheel like a hamster!  It also loves to swim, jump in the shower, ride in the car, and attack things.  Somehow it is part Leopard so it has tons and tons of energy.  Best of all they named it “Qui-Gon”!  True story!

Just so you know where the expenses on my card are coming from, a lot of my old gear is wearing out so today I’m going into Colorado Springs to see if I can find any good deals on a new mochilla, new shoes, a new coat, and maybe some snow boots.

It has been snowing on and off a few days now so we are having lots of fun slipping and sliding in the truck.  Don’t worry we will stay safe though.

I am happy to hear about the baptism in Loomis 2!  If I could ask members to do one thing when there is a new member in the ward, it would be to invite them over for dinner and get to know them!

Oh my goodness!  I was having lunch in the Atkinson’s kitchen and I noticed some familiar faces on the cover of the December New Era…  Congratulations Mom!  Your production of Savior of the World made the front cover!  I have the DVD still and I promise Elder Slawson and I will find time to watch it this week.

-Elder Emmett Florence

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