An investigator ACTUALLY CALLED US!

One Tough Area

Hi Everyone!

The Less Active we’ve been teaching kept her commitments and came to church this week!  She was only able to stay for sacrament meeting but it is still a huge step in the right direction.  The ward did a great job welcoming her back which should make it easier for her to come again next time.  We’ll talk with her more about how she felt at our next lesson.

In the other ward we had another Less Active family come back to church too!  It was a big surprise when they walked in since we had only stopped in on them once during the week.  We didn’t even invite them to do anything.  I guess something about us just being there for 30 seconds on their doorstep got them thinking and they decided to come on their own.  Judging by some of the things they said we think they are planning on coming back again next week!  HUGE miracle!

We had a good Thanksgiving.  Fortunately the non-members we were eating dinner with gave us a good excuse to turn down the six billion other offers we got from members.  President Anderson surprised everyone by out of the blue giving us permission to watch one G or PG movie so we got to watch “Cars 2” in a member’s home theater.  It was nice, but doesn’t make me sad we don’t watch movies the rest of the time.  The dinner with the non-members went okay…  Their extended family showed up late so we ended up sitting around watching them make the food for three hours before we got to eat (not because we didn’t offer to help several times, they just didn’t want us to have to do anything since we were their guests) and then we weren’t able to get any gospel related discussion going until ten minutes before we had to leave and they started asking us questions like “so why did you come on a mission” and “if you were knocking on my door what would you tell me your main message was?” which we then didn’t have time to answer as deeply as we would have preferred.  Way frustrating!  Then we went and ate a second dessert (which almost killed me because I was so full already) with a member family on the other side of our area because they wanted us to meet their non-member Hispanic friends, which was really nice and missionary minded of them except it was super awkward because we didn’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak much English and we couldn’t communicate.  We did our best though and I think we made a good impression.  I also can’t complain much since all the food was excellent and we got leftovers.

During weekly planning the coolest thing happened!  A potential investigator we gave our phone number to ACTUALLY CALLED US BACK!!!  We set up a lunch appointment for this Saturday to talk to him about the church.  We are so excited!  Of course we’re also 95% sure he is a Young Single Adult so we will have to refer him to the sisters in the singles ward AGAIN, but it still feels great finding someone who is interested.


-Elder Emmett Florence

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