Happy Thanksgiving!

For turkey day our plans are as follows; breakfast with the Nardone family (members) at 8am, dinner and games from 2 to 4pm with the non-member family we helped move in a few months ago, and then desert at 5 with members and another non-member family.  It should be exciting.  In addition to good food and lots of left overs, we are hoping to get some new investigators.

While on exchanges with the other Elders in our district we found a solid new investigator in their area!  We taught her a first lesson in her garage committed her to be baptized.  It was clear that she gad been prepared by the spirit long before we contacted her.  She already knew that she needed to quit smoking to be baptized before we even brought up the Word of Wisdom, and she is good friends with a member family across the street.  At the end of the lesson, at our invitation, she offered a heart felt prayer and apologized to Heavenly Father for not praying more often.  After the prayer she started to cry.  Fighting back tears she asked us; “Wow.  is this what the Holy Ghost feels like?”  We told her “yes.”  Great things happen when God is on your team!

Still not much luck in our area.  We’ve been pretty busy doing service and moving ourselves this week.  We helped a LA PM clean out her spider/mouse infested pottery shed that had been abandoned for several months while its owner was in the hospital (don’t worry Mom, we used face mask’s and latex gloves), a priest with his calculus homework, and we disposed of a huge pine tree that was struck by lightning and blown over in a member’s yard.  Our new house in incredible!  We’re staying in our Bishop’s basement.  It is a mansion.  We have a work-out room, ping pong and Foosball, and a home theater (only to watch PMG DVDs on of course).  We’re only going to be able to stay for three weeks since his teenage daughter will be coming back from BYU for Christmas (problematically we’re staying in her old room).

My old backpack that I’ve had since I was 10 is finally starting to die!  The zipper is falling apart so I will need to find a new one.  I’ve noticed I’m getting to the point in my mission where most of the stuff I came out with 15 months ago is all starting to wear out, including the second pair of shoes I came out with, my light jacket, ties, and under-wear.

Sorry, but my emailing was cut short today by unfavorable circumstances.  I’s a long story but I’ve ended up emailing from downtown springs and I was just blessed to have a cool conversation with the guy sitting next to me about Mormon.org and whether or not Jesus of Nazareth ever smoked weed!  I love the ghetto!

Have a great week, and I will talk to you all again soon.


-Elder Emmett Florence!

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