Hi Family!

We finally were able to get in with some of the families on our Ward’s 15 name lists and commit them to let us teach them.  It is great because I know how much hearing the missionary lessons will bless them, and help us find more people to teach.  We really need the appointments too since it’s dark by 5pm now which is a huge barrier.

Our time with the Nichols family has expired so we will be moving in with another family this weekend.  Bishop Atkinson in the Palmer Divide ward has invited us to come live in his basement for at least a month until his daughter comes back from BYU for Christmas break.  We had dinner with them last night and got a tour.  It is waaaaaay nice.  We have a kitchen, two bathrooms (with showers) a game room, and a weight room.  There is also a home theater, but we probably won’t be using that to much except to watch PMG DVDs occasionally…

For Halloween as usual we got orders from the Assistants to the President to be in by 5:30, no exceptions.  I ended up borrowing a keyboard from the church library and clunking around on that for most of the night.  We also watched Book of Mormon seminary DVDs which were even better then I remembered them being.  I love that even when the special effects and the corny lines, and the crazy hair goes out of style, the Gospel truths that are taught are just as true and refreshing and wonderful as ever!  It’s all good!

We were able to attend our ward’s combined Trunker Treat party on Friday (before Halloween).  Elder Erickson and I wore two matching World Wrestling belts we found at Good will for $2 that we scribbled our names onto.  We were very well received.  The party was sort of a failure since it was to cold and all the LAs and non-members we had gotten there cleared out before anyone or us could talk to them.  We had a good time helping clean up with the more hearty members who didn’t mind the cold as much though (28 degrees + wind chill made it feel more like 18) and got to spend time talking with both our Bishops about more ways we could work with their wards.

Mom; I got those emails you sent from all my compadres in the mission field!  They were great!  Thank you so much for sending them!  It gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for things I could improve on here in my mission.

I will send that Atkinson;s address next week, in the mean time it would be a good idea to stop sending stuff to the Forest View address.  Thank you so much for all your love and support,

  -Elder Emmett Florence

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