Look Mom! No Cavities!

Hey Mom,
aren’t you proud of me?  I went and got a check-up from a member dentist in the area and I have no cavities! Remember when you used to pay us for that?  I guess in the end you did teach us something about the value of dental cleanliness!

Anyways, that book you mentioned in your last letter, “How Wide the Divide”. I’ve actually already read most of it. It was lying around the apartment in Castle Rock and I couldn’t help but graze over it a little bit.  It is a good book!  It was especially fun to  read since Doctor Robinson was my Professor at BYU.  Definitely helped me understand the people here more.  I repented and left it there though since technically it isn’t in the missionary library.  It is a great one for the library back home if you can find a copy.  (It was sad to read in that great article you sent that the book was so vehemently opposed by the evangelical community.  It doesn’t surprise me though.  Professor Robinson totally throws down on Bloomberg and gets him to concede that Mormons are Christians too and we have just as good of chances of being “saved” as anyone else.  Genius!)
Alright!  Finally a normal Monday P-day again!

We saw a glimmer of success this week when we were blessed to start teaching a LA member in the Palmer Divide ward. She actually wants to get back into the church and she lives with several non-members so there is a lot of potential there.

On Wednesday we got a big snow storm here in Monument.  Normally we would have parked the car no questions asked because of the ice and snow on the roads, but since we needed to get down to the transfer meeting in Springs at the Aeroplaza building by 11am, the Assistants told us to go ahead (it’s very assuring to know the safety of missionaries is such a high priority) and risk the drive anyways.  Turns out driving in the snow is a cinch if you’ve got 4 wheel drive and you go slow and so we made it to the meeting without any complications.  Elder Erickson found his new companion Elder Kannan and headed out to his new area, the infamous “Trinidad” just north of New Mexico, and I picked up Elder Slawson and after making a few luggage runs for other missionaries, drove back up to monument.  It is weird staying again.  For the first time I’m getting the “Wow!  You’re still here?” thing from members.  Me and the wards know each other pretty well at this point too.  It’s nice, I’m just more used to being “the drifter” missionary who never gets attached to anyone because he gets transferred so often.

Elder Slawson is a cool guy.  He is a friend of Elder Erickson’s from the MTC, he loves to talk about anything from mission tall-tales to quantum physics and video games.  He is also a great PMG missionary and a talented teacher.  I don’t think we will have any problem getting along.  Right now medically he is struggling with a few things so we’re going to be spending a lot of time down at the Doctor’s office in springs.

Happy to be here,

-Elder Emmett Florence

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