Happy Halloween!

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Thank you for sending the care package!  I knew I could count on you guys to send me something (to think, Elder Erickson doubted you…)

Well, it turns out that less new missionaries are coming from the MTC than originally expected so President Anderson ended up with too many trainers.  Consequently, I will no longer be training.  Instead I have been re-assigned to be companions with another missionary who came out with Elder Erickson named Elder Slawson who has been struggling.  Since Elder Slawson needs to be close to Colorado Springs for Doctor’s appointments, we will be staying here in Monument, making Monument the longest area (4 transfers) of my mission.

Still not much to report in the area.  It is getting really stressful trying to plan several hours of meaningful missionary activities every night when we have little or no solid names to work with and we’re running out of streets to tract.  We have a few leads that Elder Erickson and I were able to find this week tracting and contacting former investigators, but most of the time that kind of stuff fizzles out and we’re left back where we started.  We need some good referrals right now!  I know it won’t directly affect me here in Colorado, but I hope you are all doing everything you can to find people for the missionaries to teach.  Yes, we (the missionaries) can go out, and tract, and we will find a few people to baptize and bring unto Christ, but as President Hinckley said “the harvest will be meager.”  Missionary work is so much better when members are involved in the process!

Pressing forward,

Elder Emmett Florence

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