Glimmers of Hope


We enjoyed a glimmer of success towards the end of the week Sunday night when we were invited to dinner by the non-member family we helped move several weeks ago.  After the meal Elder Erickson shared Helamen 5:12.  The Mom started asking questions about the Book of Mormon and so we offered her a copy that she could start reading.  She accepted it and told us that her and her two daughters would start reading it.  Huzza for Israel!
Winter is setting in!  On Wednesday the high is supposed to be 26 degrees with a 70% chance of snow.  Good times!

Elder Paul V. Johnson of the 70 came and spoke to our mission on Friday.  After the meeting he asked if he could interview a handful of missionaries so he could get a feel for how the mission was doing.  Elder Erickson and I got snagged by the APs so we ended up getting interviewed as a companionship by a 70!

We found a seemingly super solid investigator on the street the other day.  After talking a few minutes and offering to share our stop-smoking program with her, we were sure she would be our next baptism.  Then when we invited her to church it came up that she was openly gay and that she didn’t think it would work out.  The story of my life.

I got word last week from President Anderson that more likely than not I will be training again next transfer.  It is going to be great!  hopefully I will get another companion that will be as good as Elder Erickson has been!

Doing great!

Elder Emmett Florence

PS Dear Mom, do you think you could send the Reader Digest “Fright Night” classical music mix we have my way for Halloween?  That would be great.  Also, I still need Grandma and Daddo’s address.  Thank you!

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