Same old Same old

Sorry to be emailing late again.  I was invited to another “Train the Trainers” meeting down in Colodado Springs yesterday so chances are next transfer Elder Erickson and I will be splitting and I will be training another new missionary.   It will be awesome!  Training Elder Erickson has been great!  Today marks the begining of Elder Erickson’s “week of trial” since the training guide says he gets to lead out in all teaching and planning situtations.  We’ll see how he does.  he is nervous about it but I think he will do fine.

Unfortunately, not a lot going on this week.  Still no new investigators and what few potentials we manage to find tracting fall of the map before we can re-contact them.  Edler Erickson and I don’t mind so much as long as we can stay busy doing something missionary work-related.  It really bites having to come in early at night because it is to dark to proselyte and you don’t have any appointments.  I also worry that Elder Erickson isn’t getting enough experience teaching real people.  But the Lord will provide all that is expedient!

One companionship in my Distrcit has been struggling the last few months.  The Zone Leaders and I have had to work closely with them for several weeks now and finally they are starting to see more success!

Elder Emmett Florence

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