Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day!

Sorry about the delay.  P-day was moved to Tuesday this week, which I am very happy about since we had a lot of cool miracles tracting yesterday that we would not have been able to have otherwise.  Twice we were guided to streets to tract and found potential investigators behind the second door we knocked.  We were blessed to spend most of the day talking to people.  Everyone just happened to be home when we went to visit them.  Strangely although I wasn’t necessarily aware of the spirit’s guidance, I know it was there because of the work we were able to get done.  It was awesome!

I’m uploading some more pictures today.  Just more stuff from monument.  Highlights would be me meeting Elder Erickson for the first time at transfer meeting in August, Elder Silva EL DIABLO, and district meeting stuff.

We taught a lame total of 6 lessons last week, compromising a few spiritual thoughts to members coupled with a challenge to do missionary work, 1 LA, and a Q & A answer session trying to resolve the concerns of a potential investigator who read several chapters in the Book of Mormon and said he “didn’t like it” (his loss).  Hopefully we will be able to do better this week.  We really need a few solid referrals!

“anti-mormon” = usually a silly person who doesn’t actually know what they are talking about. 


I am happy!  Being a missionary is the hardest thing I have ever loved to do!  

 -Elder Emmett Florence

PS-You ran into Elder Craft?  That’s awesome!  I never served with him but we crossed paths at zone and leadership meetings all the time!

[Mom’s story time! I was at BYU doing a workshop when I struck up a conversation with a young man while standing on line at the Cougar Eat.  Turns out, he had recently returned from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission and he knew Emmett. He said Emmett was a great missionary.  Such a tender mercy to get such an unexpected report card.  God is truly mindful of each and all of us.]

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