Happy Autumn!

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference as much as I did!  The spirit was just radiating from those guys!  I just love them!  Did you catch all the references to Preach My Gospel?  How about to missionary work?  It was amazing how relevant everything was.  Since you’re probably wondering where I watched conference, I’ll tell you.  We watched the Saturday morning session with Pat Hartling (who loved it) and his extended member family.  Saturday Afternoon the Less Actives we had originally planned to watch the session with flaked out on us so we watched with the Nichols, the family we live with.  Sunday Morning we enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast with the Kirchhoefers, an active family in the Palmer Divide Ward.  Sunday Afternoon we watched with a part-member family that has a son preparing to serve his own mission.  What a stupendous General Conference!

Lately we’ve been focusing in  the CCSM on how to help people make and keep commitments.  Commitments are essential in missionary work because they are how we call others to repentance.  A few weeks ago, we felt a strong spiritual impression that we needed to commit a Less Active that we had just had a meeting with to read from the Book of Mormon, so we went back to their house and knocked on the door for the second time in 20 minutes.  They were a little surprised to see us back again so soon, but they accepted the commitment to read.  We went back this week and followed up and we were over-joyed to find that they had kept their commitment and had read from the Book of Mormon.  The blessings that had come were very apparent.  There was an increased measure of the spirit in their home and in their countenance.  They were happier.  On top of these spiritual gifts, they had been significantly blessed temporally as well.  I am so glad we followed the Holy Ghost and boldly committed others to repent.

We ran into two super-duper anti-Mormon people this week while tracting.  On both occasions, immediately after our discussions we went and had dinner with member families in our area.  It was amazing to see the consistent contrast between the light and the darkness.  The anti-Mormon people were angry, small, bitter, unhappy, alone, misinformed, and very bad listeners.  The members and their beautiful young families were full of the spirit, love, joy and peace.  They were purpose driven and unified.  They were committed to following the Saviour by serving others.  So refreshing!  What further need have we of witnesses?  It is clear to me which camp I want to belong to!  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true and living church of God with the power to seal families together forever!

This week we were blessed to find several new potential investigators tracting and ITLing all in the same mobile home park!

Well I’m off to watch a missionary try to eat 4 pounds of hamburger and pork in under 45 minutes at “Crave Burger” and then take a tour of the Air Force Academy with the Distrcit and our Zone Leaders!

Have a wonderful day!

-Elder Emmett Florence

PS if you haven’t yet, I challenge all reading this to go to and create their own profiles and then invite one friend to check it out!

    • janna Hargadon
    • October 4th, 2011

    Love your positive attitude and your experiences with such a variety of people…and seeing and feeling the difference that exists in a home with a Gospel focus. Thinking of and praying for you Elder Florence. Love, Janna

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