Another good week in the field!

It’s been another good week in the field-

I had a great experience this week that really increased my testimony that this work is God’s.  Lately, my mind has been troubled with questions about the church and the plan of salvation.  Not that my belief was shaken or anything like that.  I knew the answers in my heart, but I was frustrated by my inability to put those answers into words in my head.  After studying, pondering, and praying, I was able to answer my questions and deepen my understanding.  Shortly thereafter, Elder Erickson and I were teaching one of our potential investigators.  We were going back and forth, having a sort of Q & A about the church and the plan of salvation, when he started asking the same questions I had asked only a few days before!  Because I had been prepared I was able to answer his questions from the scriptures simply and concisely.  He was receptive to my answers, and although he still did not understand everything about the church, he told us that he had enjoyed talking with us and that he would like to learn more!  It felt so great!  It made me think: I’m doing my job!  I’m teaching by the spirit!  I am very grateful for the experience.

Somehow, Elder Erickson managed to get through the MTC without a patriarchal blessing, so I got to go with him yesterday to get it done by one of the Patriarch’s in our stake.  I was privileged to sit in on the blessing.  It was a wonderful experience!

More answers to Dad’s questions:  We have Zone Conferences and Interviews with President Anderson once every 3 months.  We alternate the two meetings so every transfer (6 weeks) we always have one or the other.  I call in to my Zone Leaders Elder Dayley and Elder Franklin every night.  I see them in person at leadership meetings (1-3 times a transfer), district meetings (once a transfer), exchanges (once a transfer), and on district p-days (only twice a transfer) and at baptismal interviews for my investigators.  I see the APs usually three or four times a transfer at Zone Conferences, Stake firesides, or occasionally on p-days.  I am lucky to have very good ZLs and APs at the present time.  We do use the 15 names list in our two wards and we frequently attend PEC to disscuss it.  The 15 names list is usefull in that it catalogues members of the ward that are struggling or less active.  How effective it is in actually causing action to take place in those member’s behalf is debatable.

Pat Hartling spoke at the multi-stake Colorado Springs Recent Convert fireside last night and knocked it out of the park!  He bore a powerful testimony about the truthfulness of this church and its gospel, as well as the seriousness of our mortal probation.  It was so cool to see him mature into his own man spiritually.  He lives the gospel, not because of the missionaries or anyone else, but because he knows for himslef that it is the one true way to happiness.

We found a new investigator tracting!  We followed the spirit taught him on his doorstep!  He wants to learn more and be baptized!

Out of time! 

Elder Emmett Florence

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