JW déjà vu


We had several miracles contacting LAs for our ward this week (including a phone call at 6:15am from a member asking us if we could be dressed and upstairs in ten minutes to give his LA mom a blessing at the hospital) but nothing investigator-wise.  To find more, we’ve started focusing the spiritual thoughts we share with members around the Doctrine and Atonement of Christ to help build their faith and get them excited about missionary work.  We are also committing every family we eat dinner with to have a missionary experience within three weeks.  We are hoping as we hold members accountable and follow up that all of us will be blessed and we will start getting more referrals!

Since we have almost no one to teach, we had to resort to tracting a lot this week.  I am getting very tired of some of the people here.  Very very very few people are willing to listen.  Not a lot of people really take us or the Church or SALVATION very seriously, or they don’t think very deeply about it.  Everyone claims that the Bible is the whole word of God and that we are in danger because we are “adding unto it”, but they are really the ones guilty of taking away because they refuse to consider what the ENTIRE Bible ACTUALLY SAYS!  Now on the other hand when we do find someone who will listen, it feels so great to testify and share the gospel!

The singular episode of last week continued when we went to knock doors on a street we felt impressed to visit and we tracted into one of the JWs that was helping the Less Active move. [Earlier letter mentioned JWs showing up to help a Less Active family move a the same time they were there helping out.] We talked with him for a while about the Apostasy and some of the things his church believes in.  I respect JWs for their effort to follow the Bible, but boy oh boy are  they contentious!  They are excellent NO-ers (Yes-and-ing seems like a totally foreign concept to them when it comes to theology) and it just doesn’t seem possible to them that possibly they err in some of their interpretations of the scriptures.  Anyways, we tried inviting him to read the Book of Mormon, but since according to him and his Bible the gift of prophecy had been “done-away” (which ironically is a very non-biblical doctrine -see 2 Thessalonians 5:20) he saw no point in investigating Joseph Smith’s claim to divine authority.  His loss.

Well, gotta run,

 Elder Emmett Florence

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