Moving Party with the JWs

Good morning star-shine!  The earth says; “Hello!”

On Friday we were helping an active member pack-up and move her creative crafts and ceramics shop when we were blessed with a finding miracle!  (This week, Elder Erickson and I have been really struggling to find new people to teach and baptize so the blessing was especially appreciated.)  After transporting and unloading the last run, we went back to the member’s shop where our car was parked to have pizza.  When we arrived, we found a woman had come into the shop with her baby to finish one of her ceramics projects before the shop closed.  We started talking while she worked, and amidst the discussion, it came up that she loved God and was looking for a good church to go to with her daughter.  We asked her about what she was looking for, and then taught her about how our church was led by a Prophet and 12 Apostles and how it could bless her.  She said she would be interested in investigating the church if her husband gave his permission, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and our phone number so she can call us.  Hopefully she will call us back…

I am uploading some more pictures today.  Of particular interest are some pictures of our apartment in the Nichol’s basement, Pat Hartling’s baptism, and Elder’s Hurst, Silva, and Erickson (can you tell who is who?)

It was great to hear about the DD+ 15.  I sure love all you guys.  I wish I could have been there.  I am really craving to get a back-packing fix!  I am seriously considering back-packing my first week home next year!

We were passing through downtown Monument when we noticed a moving van in the driveway of a LA family.  We stopped and started helping.  A few minutes later while we were dismantling a table, the doorbell rang.  before the LAs answered I said sarcastically: “If that’s JWs, I want to talk to them!”  Little did I know, that the LA Sister we were helping move had been meeting with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and she had invited three of them over to also help move…  Awkward!  At least we solved the great mystery of why she hadn’t called the bishop for help.  Needless to say, we finished moving the heavier things and then moved on to our next activity pretty quick.  Trying to be friendly and personable with JWs when we both (us and them) know that we just caught them red-handed moving in on our turf -very weird!!! (I think they were scared out of their minds we were going to kick them out or something…)

-Elder Emmett Florence

    • Joni Bauer
    • September 9th, 2011

    I am Elder Erickson’s Mom and love this blog. It is nice to hear about my son through your son. Thanks for posting these letters!

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