It is an amazing day.  I am excited to be here, and I am excited to fulfill the rest of my mission!  I just feel so blessed!  So many good things have come since I have been here in the field of labor, and I am excited to see what good things will yet come!

Since I emailed last P-day, we have begun teaching Nicole Ludtke and her RC convert mother Linda.  Nicole is 16, she was raised in Arkansas but is now living with her Mom here in Monument Colorado, and is interested in being baptized.  The only problem is deciding which church to get the job done in…  Enter the missionaries!  Teaching Nicole has been a great opportunity to again study and apply the principles of PMG for Elder Erickson and I.  It has been especially good for Elder Erickson to have a real investigator in mind as we’ve studied, role played, and prepared to teach.  He is learning fast and will be a great missionary.  He is by far the easiest of all my companions for  me to get along with.

We saw a HUGE miracle last Tuesday tracting.  After knocking in the neighborhood of a former investigator we had felt inspired to visit for more than an hour and talking to almost no one, we found “Joe”, who after politely hearing out Elder Erickson’s invitation to learn about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, actually said yes and let us in!  While making small talk at the beginning of the lesson, we learned that Joe had never been baptized before and was looking for more strength and guidance from God.  Joe also told us that normally he is in Colorado Springs where he lives by himself, but on that day he was visiting at his parents house (who were not home at the moment- tender mercy).  We taught him, and after a spiritual lesson, committed him to baptism.  It was great!  What are the chances that we were led to his door, on the exact day he would be there?  Incredible!  The story took an ironic turn later in the week when we were working with Sister Sparrow down at the mission office to identify which ward Joe lived in so he could be referred there.  After punching his address into the system, we discovered that the missionaries that would be teaching him were non other than my ex-companiero Elder Silva and his new comp Elder Naulu!  I couldn’t ask for anything better!  More updates to follow.


  Elder Emmett Florence

PS I have officially worn holes in the soles of my tracting shoes that I came out with.  Time for a new pair!
Thank you so much for the thoughtful packages and gifts!  I looooooove the new camera and the giant Lego guy key-chain!  They are fantastic.  The new shirt you sent me was perfect too!  Exactly what I wanted!  How did you know?  Mom mind powers I guess.  That cigarette butt you found is amazing!  What are the chances you would find that?  Who smokes in our culvasak?  How did it get there?  To funny.
Thank you Aurora for the survival package.  I feel well equipped and prepared for my 20s.  Got to run!

PS CORBIN!  Thank you for the awesome dragon picture!

NOTE FROM HOME: There are milestones in life that indicate you are in the right place at the right time.

On our family’s 15th annual Daddy daughter Plus 55 mile hike we hit our half point at the John Muir hut on John Muir pass which is the halfway point of the John Muir Trail- on Emmett’s halfway mark of his mission.  Cool.

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