PS for Mom : )

Dear Mom,

I got your last letter.  I’m sorry to hear you had a rough week.  A principle that I’ve been learning here in the mission field is that there is opposition in all things.  When times are tough, the Lord has something good waiting for us just around the corner.  When times are good and the Lord is blessing us, buckle up because the adversary is about to take a shot at you.  It is all part of the testing and refining process we are going through here in mortality.  If we endure the good as well as the bad well, we are sanctified by the atonement of Jesus Christ and we are able to return to the presence of the Father and rest from all our troubles and cares.

Did you get those packages I sent yet?  What do you think of the picture?  It is a little odd (the artist’s daughter had heart surgery so many of his paintings have hearts in them for her.  The strange doll is a caricature of himself), but the caption is just right.  No matter where our family goes or what happens, you can also know that our love for each other and especially you will also be growing.

SO I got an email last week inviting me to a “Train the Trainers” meeting down in Colorado Springs at the aerolaza building tomorrow.  SO chances are I will be training a new missionary next transfer!  I am excited for the assignment.  I just got a letter from Elder Andrew Stevens (turns out Elder SIlva is from the Long Beach CA mission and they met a few times before he came out to the CCSM!  Small world!) and he is going to be training next transfer too!  Awesome!

Well I am trying to upload some pictures from Elder Silva’s camera to (I tried drop box and it wanted me to download something to run the program which library computers do not like). appears to be in denial about how long it is going to take to finish the upload, but most of them should get in there.  Elder SIlva like to joke around so their are some weird ones, but lots of good ones too.  By the way do you notice any picture quality difference between his camera and mine?  Just curious.
Hope this week goes better.  Love,

Elder Emmett Florence

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