Life in Monument

We had two baptisms this week in the Monument ward.  Albert Moore was baptized on Saturday, and then he baptized his daughter Chanelle on Sunday.  Awesome!

We found out from a member that there was a famous Chinese Christian reformer living in his apartment complex and that he had given him a copy of The Book of Mormon.  We went over to meet him with another member that speaks Mandarin and ended up having a good talk with his wife.  Although she wasn’t interested in learning more, seeds have been planted.  Who knows!  Something big may come from it!

Do you guys have “Blue Bell” ice-cream out in California yet?  It is a new brand from Texas and it is taking the world by storm.  From what I’ve gathered eating with members, it is blowing all the other major ice-cream brands out of the water.  Just curious to see if you have it yet.  (My favorite flavor is their “Southern Blackberry Cobbler” -mmmwhaaaahmammmwhamhmmm…)

The summer weather here is really nice.  The temperature rarely climbs above 90 degrees and thunder and lighting storms are common daily occurrences.  I like it a lot.

Miracle story:

We were tracting at the end of the day.  The night before during our planning session to set a goal of two new investigators, so we had faith that if we did everything in our power we could accomplish this goal.  It was getting too dark to tract, but at the moment when on a normal day we would have called it quits and headed back to the car, we decided to knock on one more door because we still had not made our goal.  We knocked, and although we didn’t find two new investigators that night, we did behind that last door, find a way nice family that had taken the missionary lessons before, had member friends, and was willing to let us come back and do service for them in their yard.  It wasn’t what we were expecting, but if we hadn’t set that goal to find two new investigators, we would not have had the faith to press forward and have the miracles happen.
Love you!

Elder Emmett Florence

PS Hey Dad; do you think you could send me some of your signature pancake mix sometime?

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