11 Months!!!


(I hate this new library I’m emailing from!  It is ridiculous how many people use the computers here so I have had quite a time finally getting one reserved.)

We did more street contacting this week.  To increase our chances of talking to people we got our bikes out and parked the car.  It felt soooo good to get back on Brandon (name of the bike)!  Anyway, people will say some of the funniest things to get rid of us.  One lady we ITLed kept trying to bash about how we don’t believe in Jesus Christ, and how we’re saved by works etc…  I tried to tell her about some of the things we really believe but she was being so dogmatic about it finally I just asked “So mam’ are you saying you know what I believe and I don’t?”  She got flustered thinking about the answer and finally just blurted out “Yes!” and then quickly retreated away into her house.  Similar incidents are common.  I’m starting to get pretty good at sparring with people about the church without getting contentious or bashing.  Most of the time with people around here, especially the Evangelicals, the most we can do is just clear up some of the false notions there are about the church and declare our faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel.  It feels good to clear up confusion and get people thinking about truth.  My favorite card to play on born-agains who are particularly anti-Mormon is to reference Romans 10:9 (their favorite misinterpretation), confess Jesus is the Christ on the spot and then ask them if I’m “saved”.  It is priceless.  Most of the time they won’t answer and just change the subject.  People!

So on the flip side, we are having lots of good things happen too.  We taught an awesome awesome awesome lesson on the Restoration yesterday to one of our new investigators.  We applied all the principles we’ve been studying in PMG (Preach My Gospel) and it really paid off.  At the end when we shared the 1st Vision and we made the baptismal invitation, the investigator accepted the date of the 31st because he had such a powerful spiritual experience during the lesson.  Preach My Gospel is the best!  We also have two solid baptisms scheduled for this weekend for Allen and Chanelle Moore.  Allen’s Wife is a recently re-activated member and so now he is being baptized and then baptizing their daughter Chanelle the next day!  It is wonderful!

We had a funny moment playing an old game of “Chutes and Ladders” after a lesson on The Commandments with a LA PM family for FHE last Monday.  Before the game I modified the board by replacing the good deed that led to the tallest ladder with a sticky note labeled “baptism”.  The un-baptised daughter ended up landing on the space, being “baptized” and winning the game!  We had a good laugh about it.

Well my email time is spent.  Hopefully I will be able to get on a little sooner next time…


Elder Emmett Florence

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