“Church, Work, and Scouting”


Good things have been happening up here in the CCSM.  Peggy Morris was baptised and confirmed this week in the Monument ward.  She was a member referral that Elder DeCoria had been teaching for six months, so he came out from the Fountain zone and performed the baptism on Saturday.  It was a great service and just what I needed after a long week.

Another highlight was meeting President and Sister Anderson for the first time at interviews on Friday.  They are going to be great for this mission, and I love them already.  To describe President Anderson I will use the answer he gave when he was asked by one of the Elders “What are some of your hobbies?  -What do you do for fun?”  President Anderson just smiled and said; “Church, Work, and Scouting.”

We tracted into three of the worst people I have ever talked to on my mission all in a row on one street the other day.  I won’t share the details but we were pretty bummed out.  We went on with our week.  Then, on Sunday, the Sisters from the Pine Creek singles ward texted us a referral for a young couple they had found tracting in our area that had agreed to hear our message.  We were surprised when we went to contact the referral, and found that they lived on the “bad” street, literally in the next house over from where we had stopped knocking a few days earlier.  I don’t know if the referral will lead anywhere, or if the family will be baptised, but it was a cool reminder that the Lord is aware of our service and our efforts to build his kingdom and that “the church is true”.

Elder Emmett Florence

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