A note to Mom

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(Here’s a private letter to Mom worth sharing-)

Congratulations LaRee Florence the Mom!  You have successfully married off your first child and equipped her with all the necessary skills and  talents she will need to be happy and joyful for the rest of eternity!  YOU are AWESOME!

Those pictures you sent of the wedding are awesome!  It all sounds so magical, and I don’t mean that in a lighthearted silly way- really magical!  All of our best friends, extended family, and then some, all celebrating together at one big party at our house!  Everybody we know singing, dancing, eating ice-cream, and being beautiful (by the way that silver dress your were wearing looked great!) all at the same time in one place!  Weddings are great!  I wish I could’ve been there, but it is okay.  I’m doing what the Lord wants me to do right now.  Being absent and hearing about it secondhand makes the whole event sound even more fairytale-ish and wonderful anyway!  Thank you for keeping me so well informed.  I received the box of “wedding stuff” you sent and believe me, there will be some pictures “head”ed your way soon…

Well I’ve got to run.  Be sure sit down and breath for at least 15 minutes once this week.

Love you,

                     Elder Emmett Florence

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