District Leading!

Whew!  I made it through my first week as District Leader!

It has been fun.  I’ve had to fly by the seat of my pants a few times now doing call-ins, preparing stat reports and planning and running district meetings, but my ZLs (Zone Leaders) are great and they have helped me through it all.  (Improv skills also came in really really handy).

For transfers I got to drive down from Parker to the Springs with my MTC companion Elder Appel.  It was great talking with him and seeing how much both of us have grown.  My new companion Elder Silva is great!  The new area is good too.  We just baptized someone from a PM (Part Member) family named Robert yesterday (I walked into that one) and we have three more solid people with dates for later in July.  I have had the good fortune to arrive here at a very good season for baptisms.  I am also very grateful to be covering only two wards now; Monument and Palmer Divide.  The city of Monument itself is just on the edge of Colorado Springs.  Lots of old retired folks as well as young families stationed at the air force academy which makes for a good mix of urban and suburban.  It is very beautiful.  The mountains here are green right now, which cause the huge “Moab”-ish red rocks that dot the landscape, shooting out over the neighboring pine trees, to stand out vividly.

More on Elder Silva; he hails from LA, CA (he also considers himself Mexican since he has grandparents that immigrated to the states), so we are an all-Cali companionship and proud of it.  He has been in the field 3 months and was just trained by my previous companion Elder DeCoria who I am taking over for as District Leader (Elder Decoria went ZL in Fountain) making me his second companion.  He loves being a missionary and is totally “without guile” as the scriptures say.  He is easy going and fun to be around but passionate about missionary work (he actually likes to tract!  Total opposite of Elder Hurst!) and eager to learn the ropes. He loves people in general and never shakes hands where a hug can be given instead.  He was on the improv team back home and he gets the principle of “yes-anding”.

Update from my last area; Brooks Roughten made his date and was baptized yesterday on the 26th and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It is a HUGE blessing for lots of people.  The missionaries (and his family, and co-workers, and half the Stake of Castle Rock) have been working for this for a loooooong time.  We are all very very happy that it finally happened.  Finally!

I am still driving a car, but now instead of the Pontiac “Vibe” (uber lame hatch-back) I get to drive a truck around.  Way better.

Hope all is well,

Elder Emmett Florence

PS One More Time:  Congratulations again Aurora and Jeff!  Enjoy your nuptials…

I forgot to mention my sweet new pad!  We are living in the basement of some members now.  It is like a giant subterranean hunting lodge.  My address is 800 Forest View Circle, Monument, CO 80132

Love You!
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