Summer is here!

We still have Brooks Roughten progressing towards his baptism on the 26th, but other than that, it was a disappointing week as far as baptizing goes.  The Knight family didn’t come to church yesterday, which means  the chances of them being gold diggers and not really being interested in the church for its spiritual assets are about 90%.  Dave Weld,  Dana Sorensen’s ex, shut down Brenna and Alex’s baptisms with the old  “they can wait until they’re 18” rant, and by extension of that has also shut down Dana for a while since she doesn’t want to be baptized (understandably) without her kids.  Josh Mares, our most recent new investigator bailed on the second lesson and church because he wanted to go to “confession” at the catholic church with his Mom (probably because he feels guilty about meeting with us and he wants to talk to his priest about it) and now he is too busy with work all of a sudden to meet with us again.  Oh well, we’ll keep moving forward.  Things will work out.

On the bright side we’ve been seeing lots of success working with LA (Les Active) members.  Our Bishops have figured out how the 5-5-5 works so we have been getting in to teach families more, and many of them are progressing towards re-activation.

We had a really awesome lesson with some non-denominational Christian guys the other day.  They have been meeting with the missionaries for a while but for the most part have had little or no interest in conversion.  A few weeks ago we had committed them to study and pray about the Book of Mormon and after reading they had typed up a very long list of concerns and objections to the book’s authenticity.  After studying the concerns and praying, we decided on our next visit we would watch Jeffery R. Holland’s talk “Safety for the Soul” with them and then let the spirit resolve their concerns.  It worked great.  I don’t know what it is (I mean that very sarcastically) but something about an Apostle of the Lord bearing down in pure testimony really gets the spirit into a teaching situation fast.  They enjoyed the talk and afterwards we were able to quickly resolve all their concerns.  At the end of the lesson one of the two told us that he still thought we were wrong, but he could also see how we could be right…  He is ready to receive revelation!  I am excited to see what they learn as they continue to study and pray.

A member gave me a great article this week by Clayton M. Christensen called “Why I Belong, and Why I Believe”.  It is a part of a series written by prominent LDS members about their faith in the church.  It is a great article.  I recommend it.


             Elder Emmett Florence

PS p-day will be on Tuesday the 21st next week.
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